cannot run musescore after installing

• Aug 26, 2010 - 14:35

Never installed an earlier version. After installing and trying to run it, a window pops up
'mscore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close'. I also tried to run it after a computer restart.
Same problem. My O.S. is Windows XP with SP2 installed. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your response, but what should I add...
I have never installed an earlier release of this music sheet score program.
I am a little bit surprice that there is no response on my problem.

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Your problem is quite new. A lot of people are running MuseScore without problem on Windows XP.
What soundcard do you use ?
Can you try to start MuseScore without the sound system?

  1. Press the windows key and R
  2. type cmd and Return
  3. Type cd c:\Program Files\MuseScore\bin and Return
  4. Type mscore -s and Return

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I do not know what you understand under ‘special software’.
I have lots of special software on my PC like:
‘MusEdit’ sheet music notation software
‘WaveRepair’ audio restoration software
and so on.
Perhaps MusEdit can be a problem due to its MIDI possibilities?

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After reading the responses on that link, I noticed that in the Display tab of MuseScore also synthesizer is grayed out, but that is probably due to the –s command after typing mscore?
In my ‘What’s running?’ program and looking in the ‘services’ tab, I cannot see any
‘weird’ services. The 'driver' tab shows 207 drivers. Impossible for me to locate something
strange. I simply do not have enough software knowledge.

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My motherboard is Asus AMD Socket 939 NVIDIA Chipset A8N-SLI Premium
There is an on-board Realtek79 soundcard.
Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest drivers for it.
Same result: MuseScore crashes at startup.
I do not know how to detect the audio chipset on the motherboard but in the
motherboard spec it says: Realtek ALC850 8-channel CODEC.
Hope this helps, I am getting a little bit desperate here.

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I have followed the ‘Instructions for Windows’ using the debug version but I,
for some reason could not finish the final 4th step: to paste the selection into Word or whatever text program. So I made some screen pictures instead.
Here the are, hope this will help to solve my problem. It is strange that the moment after the splash window appears, the program crashes.

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JoeAlders, Is the D drive your system drive (the hard disk you have Windows installed on)?

I searched the MuseScore codebase for some of the keywords in the error message such as "0DEV", "openDEV", "openDeviceIoControl" and "STOP_ISO_STREAM" but I didn't find anything. Anyone else know what it might mean?

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I downloaded the debug program on my D-drive and ran the program from there.
I moved it to my C-drive and did the same debug run. Same comments but now
in stead of the D- the C- drive. See the att. the txt file.
No, I do not have an external soundcard nor do I have asio4all installed.
Is it appropriate to make a screen dump of my installed drivers?

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lasconic, perhaps this is a clue. After MuseScore crashes Microsoft asks to
send an error report. I clicked on ‘To see what this error report contains, click
here’. After that I saw what the attachment shows: ‘samsonasiodriver.dll’
which points to one of your earlier questions about having installed ‘asio4all’
This driver comes from SAMSON pre-amplifier software which I have installed on
my computer for my usb microphone.
Can you advice me what to do please? Do I have to uninstall this software?

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Crash problem solved!!!!!
When I started to look for a driver update by visiting the Samson website they wrote that the driver was
no longer necessary. So I uninstalled it, restarted my pc and yes, there appeared the splash screen followed by the score sheet on which I am currently working.
Thank you very much lasconic for your support. Believe me or not it is a tremendous relieve for me.

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