Working With Chord/Measure Repeat Sign

• Jul 10, 2015 - 16:50

Please note there are two attachments. Screen print of my Musecore desktop and the working score.

My project is to add a chord repeat sign as a chord entry.

On the desktop image, note a custom pallet with a Symbols workplace with includes the repeat symbols. I can drag the symbol to the measure as shown in the second measure or I can create a chord field (ctrl K) and double click to enter it as shown in the first measure. Note the size of the repeat signs. How can I increase the size of the image in the first measure to duplicate that in the second measure?

I was considering making a new text style named "Chord Repeat". Would this work? I became hesitant because I could find no was to delete the new Text Style if I couldn't make it work.

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Text styles are part of the current score only, so while you can't delete them, they don't haunt you forever either. And for that reason, custom text styles are not compatible with palettes, which much work in all scores. However, it should work fine create the text style and apply it to these symbols when needed. Not sure that's actually easier/better than adding the symbol from the palette.

Perhaps create your own copy of the jazz lead sheet template (or a copy of your existing copy, if you've already made one) and add this new text style there. If you later decide you don't liek having the new text style, you can just go back to the old version for future scores.

FWIW, you *can* remove unwanted text styles if you really want, by opening the MSCX file in a text editor and deleting the appropriate lines. Not hard to figure out what they are. An MSCZ file is just a ZIP archive containing an MSCX and maybe a couple of other things.

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Thanks Marc. I believe the preferred way to enter these chord repeats is to add them as in measure "1". If you drag and drop, you loose the ability to move them with the chords as a group. Or, some problems when transposing. I guess I'll create a new text style and change the image size with "Chord Repeat" in Inspector.

Another thing I found. Symbols can be dragged and dropped on a location in a measure or added to a note by double clicking the image. It may be there, but couldn't find this in the manual.

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That's good information. Thanks Marc. I don't know how many scores I've made with parenthesis around pick up notes in the last measure where I dragged them to the notes. Resulting in corrections when transposing.

Yes. I've found some of the symbols under "Repeats" won't double click.

Waiting for 2.0.2.

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FYI, the things that can't be added by double click currently but can in 2.0.2 include:

- repeats (Segno, Coda, DC al Fine, etc)
- lines (only a few work in 2.0.1; they all will in 2.0.2)
- clefs
- key signatures
- time signatures
- breaks
- spacers
- frames
- brackets

For clefs, key signatures, and time signatures, you will be able to select a whole range, and the change will be applied to just that range, with the original state restored at the end. This will be very nice especially for time signature changes!

That's all the cases I coiuld think of where things cannot be added by double click currently. If someone can think of any others, let me know. May or may not make it for 2.0.2, but I'll want to add it when I can.

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