Repetitions in measures

• Jul 9, 2015 - 02:22

I have a question on the performance of a score.
I know the system of repetitions but not if it can do the following:
We last four measures with two different endings, this is easy, but what if I want also that one of the instruments the four measures from recurring?

1 guitar (2 separate completions last measure)
2 treble piano (two different endings the last measure)
3 bass piano (two different endings the last measure)
4 oboe (two different endings of the four measures)

I guess you can not do, but maybe there is something to know.

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I'm not certain I understand. Are you asking whether it's possible for the different endings to be more than one measure long? If so, the answer is definitely yes—double-click the volta (the bracket over the measure), click the little box at either end, and use Shift plus the Left or Right arrow key to apply it to more measures.

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All the instruments have two completions in the last bar (this is easy to do), except the oboe that four measures are different.

Four last measures, a repeat.
All instruments in the last measure change completion (volta), but is different in both oboe repeats all measures.

.................................................. 1 ------- 2 -------
||: measure | measure | measure | measure: || measure

< ................. Same except oboe...................>

The purpose is to shorten the score, I know how to do it in all instruments, but in this case, on the one hand have the guitar and piano that changes the last measure, the oboe are two different melodies in all measures.

I've been thinking to make my proposal would need to place another instrument oboe, hide empty staves, two melodies and using the volta do not know if you can do this and if it compensates.
Tomorrow I'll try

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No, that does not make musical sense. Voltas must start in the same place for all instruments. If one instruments needs a four measure volta, then all instruments get a four measure volta, even if the first couple of measures happen to be the same. This is a very common situation. It is crucially important that all instruments have the same voltas, or much time is liklely to be wasted in rehearsal as the director asks the ensemble to start at the 1st ending, and everyone starts in a different place.

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