A couple of bugs I found...

• Aug 23, 2010 - 14:07

Hey, I've been using musescore for about a month now and have been generally very happy with it. However there's a few things I've noticed that aren't right...

> Dynamic markings don't seem to be permanent in playback. If I apply a piano marking for example, it will hold forte for two beats perhaps before reverting to mezzo forte. It becomes very annoying and I can't find a way of extending the length of a marking effectivity.

> For some reason two bars will overlap every now and again... I tried cutting and pasting them back and it still happened.... I tried deleting the measures, reinserting them and pasting and yet again they overlapped... It doesn't effect playback, but obviously makes those two bars virtually illegible to any musician

> The restore function doesn't seem to do anything! I have my musescore set so that when I start it up, it will open up whatever I was last working on. Well, on one occassion my computer froze in between saves (after about five hours of work!) so I restarted it hoping that it might be able to restore my lost work. When I started musescore it told me that it had closed unexpectedly and asked if I wanted to restore my last session. I said yes and it still gave me the last saved version as apposed to the updated version!

Like I said though, I am on the whole extremely pleased with the functionality of musescore and these comments are just things that could be fixed or done better maybe.


I just tried to make a part and it made all of the stems on untied crotchets so long that they extended half way down the page...

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