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• Aug 21, 2010 - 17:19

I'm a member of a button accordion forum called There's been discussion recently about converting ABC (which many members use) into normal scores ('tadpoles'), eg,4683.20.html. Many members use a free service on a site called The Montreal Tunebook session: This works really well, but I wanted to be able to edit the result using MuseScore, so as to be able to add chords, change the tune, etc, etc. I suggested this to the forum, and someone suggested using So I did, but it doesn't seem to work as well as the Montreal site. I tried three examples of ABC notation, and one was pretty close, one presented the score very strangely, and the third only managed to convert the title and the time signature.

I can provide examples in pdf for comparison, if that would assist.

It would be superb if you could use MuseScore for this, because there are a lot of members who would immediately see the advantages, who already use the software in other ways.

I have XP home edition. Latest version of MuseScore just recently downloaded.


I use very often with musescore, and this combination is very useful. I can do everything you mentioned easily with musescore.
Make sure you have the newest version of musescore, as there have been some problems lately that have been solved in the meantime.

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Sure - this isn't mine, and I'm not that familiar with abc, which is why I want to translate it.

T:Side By Side
K:F lydian

There are other examples of other tunes I could send, which didn't seem to work.

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Well, I'm no abc-specialist, but this example obiously is messed up. No wonder there's only nonsense resulting.

As a working example for the different abc-converters try this one:
X: 1
T: Beare Island
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Edor
|:EB^GB AGEc|dBcA Beec|d2 fd AFDF|
|g2 fg ef{a}fe|1 dBAF E3 D:|2 dBAF E3 A||
|:Beef gefd|B2 AG FDDA|Beef gefd|
Be^df e2 ef|edBc ~d3c|BcdB AFDF|
G~B3 AFDF|1 GE{G}ED E3 A:|2 GE{G}ED E3 D||

I found that the latest version of musescore in fact has a problem with opening some .xml-files. I think it's the same problem like with opening muse files from older versions. Some mistakes can easily be corrected manually by setting the right beams (see palette at the left).

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