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• Dec 22, 2008 - 05:34

I entered lyrics for a song and saved the score. When I reopened the score, some of the letters appeared in a very small italic font. this also appears in the Edit Text Style dialogue box. The letters m and r are most affected.


Did you try changing it back to how you want the text to appear using the Edit Text Style dialogue box? You may have to save, close, and reopen the score before style changes take effect. If you have trouble you can attached the affected score to a reply comment on this message thread.

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Yes I tried that. The small italic letters stayed the same, and so did the nonitalic letters, even after closing and reopening the program.
The score now looks like this. (See attachment.)

eta: that probably isn't very helpful. I should have exported it as a .pdf file, but the manual doesn't tell me how to do that.

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You changed the lyrics font to "Mscore". This is a special font which contains only some characters used for dynamics (sfmp etc.). Missing characters in this font are automatically fetched from a default font. These two fonts unfortunately do not fit together.
In Text Style change the font of lyrics back to a normal system font and restart mscore. This should fix it.

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