Trying to add Staccatos Causes Crashing

• Aug 20, 2010 - 21:06

I'm trying to add staccato markings over 2 different beats within the same measure. I cannot get them to appear and then the file has to close (message says musescore.exe has become unresponsive and needs to close). I did have a similar problem when adding voltas (first and second endings) earlier this afternoon, but that now seems to be working. I am working on an older Dell Inspiron 600m with Windows XP and did just download Version Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your quick response. I was able to solve the problem. I believe the original issue was a combination of my inexperience with MuseScore (was trying to drag the staccato over to the note as opposed to highlighting the note and then clicking twice on the staccato marking) and my old computer.

Still loving MuseScore and truly trying to resolve issues myself. Thanks again.

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