Sound problem

• Jul 6, 2015 - 22:57

I'm having sound problems in a score
The configuration that I use is:

2.0.1 musescore
Piano 1: Treble and Bass
Piano 2: Treble

Sondfont: Piano (Acoustic Grand Piano) Violin (Merlin Vienna)

The symptoms are as follows, it slows down into parts and only noise sounds, I tried to upload a sample in MP3 and apparently can not upload other file is invalid think not having my setup.

I usually use virtualmidisynth with other programs, but the same thing happens if I use MuseScore only.

The fact is that only occurs in parts of the score, in other parts that are the same does not sound bad.

I thought that might be a problem of buffer or something, some skill in the art?

Thanks and regards


In order to be of much help, we would need the actual score, not just a recording of it. Also information about what soundfont you have loaded (View / Synthesizer), your I/O settings (Edit / Preferences / I/O), ypur OS and any relevant information about your sound setup, etc.

As it is, I can suggest you reboot to make sure you dont have some random inrelated process hogging your CPU and/or RAM.

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Hello Mark.
Takes a few days playing bad, discard equipment problems, ram, etc.
The same score in Tux Guitar with virtual midisynth smoothly, with the same soundfonts.

I do not use any effect synthesizer.

I have been investigating a similar case, they say that it can be a problem reberb and to be handled in the mixer, raise reberb and echos and back to zero.

I've done and now it seems to work, what do not know if in the future it will happen, as you have seen in the audio you hear is noise.

A greeting and I leave the images you comment.

I forgot to mention that I do not use any MIDI device, I have nothing connected.

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