America the Beautiful SATB A Cappella

• Aug 20, 2010 - 02:53

This is an arrangement I did in 2009 for a local 4th of July event in the park. The chorus learned it fairly easily, but rehearsal will be needed with most amateur groups, due to the close harmonies and some voice leading issues. I created it because despite being in the public domain, I couldn't find any free arrangements of it for mixed chorus.

I hope this arrangement finds lots of uses for folks everywhere- enjoy!


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America the Beautiful SATB 2009.mscz, 23.06 KB


If you save it in the right format where people can actually download it and play it .mscz NOT .mscz, (with a comma) I guarantee even more people will enjoy it

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It is possible to use save link as... to save it to your computer then rename it without the trailing comma and it should work I say should because it was made from an older version of MuseScore and there may be formatting issues but playback should be fine.

9 years after this arrangement was first posted, I want to agree with a previous comment on this attachment provided. Yes, in order to play this file, you have to change "America the Beautiful SATB 2009.mscz," to "America the Beautiful SATB 2009.mscz".

The goal is to change the file extension from ".mscz," into the correct ".mscz" type of file.

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