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Would it be possible to contemplate the following functions in future releases?

1 - To perform a template for the first page only the title and author and an image that comes to mind, a presentation.
I get to do manipulating the correct properties but can not save it as a template for future work, does not respect the letter images or margins.
This serves for example to record the authorship of a song.

2 - If a mistake is made in the introduction of a note in a measure I think there is a function to move adjacent notes, for example there is a silence and can not be removed, forcing the adjoining correct notes.
I mean a similar function TuxGuitar Moving a pulse, but only move the notes in measure.
Maybe there but do not know.

The program is great, mind



I am not sure understand what you mean about #1. It is true that templates represent only the "structure" of a score, not the "content". So, style settings, instruments used, page settings, etc should be preserved, but not the actual notes or text aside from the instrument names. If you are seeing something different from this, could you post a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing? Or if you are *asking* for soemthing different from this, could you explain in more detail?

Also for #2, I don't understand. Musically, deleting a rest makes no sense. If you want to move some number of subsequent notes earlier (or later), you can do this - just select the notes you want to move, Ctrl+X to cut, then click where you want them to go, Ctrl+V to paste. If you are talking about something else, again, a sample score and the precise step by instructions you are following would help.

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I will try to explain better.


My level of English is low in technical terms and complicated present a topic, I'll try.

I need to create a template on the first page only the title and author is displayed, by way of introduction, a cover.
If I try to save as a template, does not respect images, margins, etc.
For the NEXT song I have to rebuild again the first page.
If run with simple template that changing the title and author's work would be easier.
In summary, first page exclusively for the title and author, a cover, try to save the settings.

The second question.

I am referring to many notes in a measure, I was wrong value in a note, I place a lower note, a rest is generated, I can not remove the silence and move subsequent notes.
In the picture, I need to move all notes after silently forward and remove silence.

a greeting

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Margins and the properties of the title fram - size, gaps, etc - should all be preserved when creating a score from a template. If you are encountering a situation where they are not, please post the specific score (the template itself, I guess) you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

For instance, try saving the attached file to your Templates folder then creating a score from it. You'll see the title frame inherits all the settings of the original - the height is 144sp, the left and right margins 10mm.

Regarding #2, see my previous reply. MuseScore cannot guess how many notes you wish to move, so you need to start by selecting the notes you wish to move. For example, click the first, Shift+click the last. Now press Ctrl+X to cut, then click where you want to move them to (I assume the sixteenth rest), and press Ctrl+V to paste.

Cut and paste is how you move things to a different location in MuseScore as well as many other programs that deal with information that is not strictly linear.

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I forget the second question, I have found that as you say you can cut and paste notes on the site that interests us in the end is the same as the command one step Tux Guitar, ok, right.

The theme of the cover does not have clear.
You know that I can get it done without problems, but could not save it as a template have to repeat the whole process for a new song.

If you try to place a background image, text alignment, for example as in the first picture I sent, then save it in the templates folder.
Choose a new file, select the saved template, no problem, choose other selections, hit finish.

The template appears but has lost images and formatting, maybe there's a trick I do not know, but it would be interesting for the work that saves.

Greetings and thank you

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A template contains the *structure* of a song but not the *content*. So any notes, text, or images you enter into a template are not copied into the new score - this is the correct behavior.

Sounds like instead of using a template, you might simply want to have a score with that content already entered, and open it then do as "Save As" when you want to create a new score that includes that content.

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Exactly, that's the idea.
You have a template in which you can configure the front page and save it as a template.
In the song you choose new template, change the title, author, continuing the process and have the cover prepared as in the first image, otherwise continuous exactly like now.
I explain in the forum because it can be interesting, I understand that it's still difficult to implement, I do now without problem, but it is slow.
In my country it's format to record a song (copyright), the first page only title and author.

Greetings and thank you.

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