Musescore hangs up other tasks

• Aug 17, 2010 - 08:01
S4 - Minor

I guess this is PPC only.
When opening the application or printing, musescore hangs up other tasks on the computer for some seconds.
This is for example, when listening to music on iTunes it stutters (tatatatatatata...) or stops completely.
This has been so for some time, not only the latest release.

Mac, PPC


Check your activity monitor. Your G4 is an old CPU and MuseScore startup, like any other program startup, needs some CPU power. Do you experiment this only with MuseScore? or also with i.e. Photoshop or another heavy application?

No, this is no power issue (and much less on my 1.8 GHz G5).
On MacOs X every task has it's priority, so others won't be affected. But musescore interrupts such tasks like audio, this is not "allowed" by the operating system and normally don't happen no matter how heavy the cpu is loaded. I think ms hogs the whole cpu.

Ok, I checked activity monitor anyway. I found that ms takes 75-90% of the cpu, even when it is without aktivity and no file is open. This doesn't seem optimal.
I have now iTunes streaming audio, two browsers and some other apps open at the same time, there never is a problem, only when opening ms or printing.

Status (old) needs info closed

I checked it once more, and it seems the problem has disappeared. Don't know why...
So if nobody else has this problem I close this case.