Fingerings (again?)

• Aug 17, 2010 - 07:53

I think this has been reported before.
Changing preferences for fingerings does not work.

Changing prefs (size, font, position) does not update for given fingerings, and when selecting note+doubleclicking fingering it appears with the default values.
When dragging a fingering onto a note at least the desired positon is ok, but not the selected font/size.
(I guess there are some other text related issues, but I don't know now.)

All new releases of muse, on Mac PPC


Better open a bug report for it in the issue tracker. Check if there is already one. And if there is, add a comment to this post to refer to it for other people landing on this topic.

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In my opinion, resolving this bug should have a priority higher than normal.

I can't speak for other instruments, but it's a frustrating situation for anyone composing or recreating complex piano scores. At present, adding fingerings is a step to be dreaded in a program that otherwise is functional and fun to use.

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