Key change not displayed at start of system with "Generate key signatures" off

• Jun 27, 2015 - 02:20
S4 - Minor

When adding notes to measure 647 in the flute line (top line), the key signature disappears and is not present. It cannot be added back either. This is an issue because the d is not a d#, but rather a d- natural. The problem is shown in the score attached.


Title Key Signature Dissappears Key change not displayed at start of system with "Generate key signatures" off
Status (old) needs info active

I can verify this, but - the score has the "Create key signature for all systems" option turned off in Style / General / Page. This doesn't completely excuse what is happening - see below - but I wonder if this was a mistake - did you really mean to not show key signatures at the beginning of each system? Turn this option back on, and all is well. FWIW, it isn't really meant to work with scores that actually contain key changes - it's meant more for simple lead sheets with a key sihgnature at the beginning and that's all you want.

I think what is happening is that in the part, the key change happens to occur at the beginning of a system, and is therefore being suppressed because of this setting. Probably the option should only suppress "generated" key signatures at the beginnings of systems, not real key changes. I thought there was an existing bug report for this, but I don't see it.

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)


To put this issue in very simple terms:

1) my first score
2) style / general / page
3) turn off "Create key signature for all systems"
4) add D major key signature to measure 5 (first measure of second system)

Result: the courtesy key signature appears at the end of the first system, but no key signature appears at the start of the second.

The use case I know of for this option is mimicing the "Real Book" style of lead sheet, where the initial key signature is shown but not repeated on staves after that. In this use case, key *changes* definitely *are* still shown, even if at the start of the system. I am not aware of any use case where you *wouldn't* that.

My change will not affect scores that do not turn off this option (eg, the vast majority of scores) or scores that turn off this option but do not change keys.