"V" shortcut does not affect the ties and slurs which extend on the following system

• Jun 26, 2015 - 19:57
S4 - Minor

See attached file. Instructions also in file.

Select the lone (system-spanning) tie. Use "select all similar elements" then press "V" to make invisible. All the ties disappear except the tie you clicked on!

Now undo invisibility and untick the "visible" option in the Inspector instead. This time ALL the ties become invisible!

When I tried to close the file after this operation the program crashed (may not be reproducible). Issue discussed at //musescore.org/en/node/66761 .

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As indicated in the titre change, this issue concerns the ties (same issue with slurs) which extend on a following system. The invisibility works by unticking "Visible" in Inspector, but not with the "V" shorcut.
Works as expected if the ties and slurs are located "inside" a system.

After seeing, it's a very former issue. I can reproduce it with this Nightly, on May 19, 2014: 56177c3
After hitting "V" and Escape (no result):
shortcut V.jpg