overlapping notes

• Dec 16, 2008 - 00:09

one thing that appears in many of my compositions but never types well in MuseScore is that multiple voices in one staff overlap. Images are attached.

overlapping voices
Here, two voices begin the measure with a two degree interval. But the notes should behave as if they were in one voice, with the half note shifted to the right of the whole note.

overlapping dotted half notes
In this picture two dotted half notes (using the same voice) are in a two degree interval chord, but the dot from the 'e' is placed inside of the head of the 'f'. The two dots should line up vertically where the second dot is.

shifted accidentals
Perhaps this is supposed to happen, but I'm sure if two notes in the chord an octave apart then its accidentals should line up as well. The naturals above are pushed out farther than the ones below them; same with the sharps. This is strange to read but also takes up space.

shifted accidentals
This is just another picture of two voices overlapping, but this time they are the same note. Like before, the eigth note should be directly to the right of the whole note.

Sorry that's a lot... I hope the pictures show up.

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awesome! I just downloaded the latest unstable package for Windows and I have to say it is sooo much better than 0.9.3... only the dotted half notes still have that problem. Specifically when they are in different voices on the same staff and at a 2nd degree interval the dots still don't line up.

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