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• Jun 25, 2015 - 20:14

I am new to this forum and would like to add Tenor guitar Tuned CGDA to the Instruments so I can produce tabs for it. I have tried to use 4 string Banjo and Uke but it does not work properly. I then looked at creating an new instrument but I am using a MAC and the information in the "How to edit or create a new instrument" applies to windows. I have searched my MAC for the folders with the instruments.xml but without success. can anyone on the forum shed some light on how to achieve this?


Drew Davidson


The instruments.xml file on Mac would be located with the "application bundle" (Google it if you're not familiar). Get the copy from there, then save your own customized one somewhere in one of your own folder, then tell MuseScore to use it via Edit / Preferences / Score.

Or, just create a score set up that way and save it to your Template folder and use it - a *lot* easier, if you don't need to use that instrument in lots of different types of ensembles but are mostly using it solo or in the same handful of ensembles often.

Should this instrument be included with the default instruments.xml? If so, now would be a good time to add it - you could sign the CLA, make the change yourself on GitHub, and it could potentiually be included in the next update.

No need to resort to insruments.xml, just take a regular guitar, ass a tablature staff, change that to 4 strings and then edit the string data (delete 2 strings and change the tuning of the remaining ones), then save into a template and use that for your tenor guitar scores.

See attached, I hope I got the octaves right?

But anyway, including it in the next MuseScore version would need to require getting the exact data: number and tuning of strings, number of frets, name, abbreviated name, sound, transposition, clef.

Hmm, I guess most of the infos needed are on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenor_guitar

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Thank you for your reply and the attached file I am sure I will using that all the time, I did try to play about with the Instrument.xml but could not see my added instruments in the programme.

I have just started with Musescore but looks like I have a lot to learn

thank you again


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I think I need to get to know the programme before I interfere with its settings too much.

I have managed to muddle through with the first piece and it sounds all right. You wrote

"change that to 4 strings and then edit the string data (delete 2 strings and change the tuning of the remaining ones)" can you advise how you done this. I will only be using Guitar or tenor guitar but may want to change the latter to Irish tuning GDAE at a latter date? If it is in the manual then point me in the right direction

Again thank you for your considerable help, it is very much appreciated


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