Naturals in every key signature on mac PPC -- spontaneous restatements of key signatures mid-system

• Aug 4, 2010 - 15:04
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Setting key to C major shows naturals instead of no accidentials. I have to set them to invisible all one by one.
This has to do with the halfways fixed "empty key palette" - bug.
Rev. 3280 on PPC.
See attached grafics.


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Yes. Goes like this:
- New score
- setting key with accidentials (for example E maj)
- changing to c maj
-> 4 naturals (cannot be deleted, only set to invisible)

It seems to always result in 4 nats, independend of the former key.


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I wonder if it's not a feature.
If I create a score in Emaj
Insert a couple line breaks
drag a C major key sig on the first measure of line 2
I got a 4 naturals to cancel the Emaj key signature. That's normal behavior. An option to hide the cancellation has been added for the next version.
Can you confirm you have the very same behavior ?

No, this is a bug since the key palette had been found empty.
I can't get rid of the naturals, and they appear on more than one line.
A piece in C from bar one should have no naturals.
And, it's always four of them, no matter what key was set before.
And worse: they appear again when I reopen a file, even if I cleared them and saved the file. They appear with different keys, too (see file) . So already finished files become useless and have to be reworked.

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Title Key C major shows naturals instead of no accidentals on mac PPC Naturals in every key signature on mac PPC -- spontaneous restatements of key signatures mid-system

I have the same issue as william ockham.
It's definitely a bug.
It appears that E-Major is the default key signature for everything after the first system, meaning that four naturals precede the key signature at the beginning of every subsequent system.
Every expansion or repagination of systems causes more unnecessary restatements of current key signature (presumably connected with the new locations of bar lines that had previously stood at the end of various systems) in the middle of systems, until at some point the program is completely gaga vis-à-vis key signatures.
I'm using a MAC ppc running 10.4.11. On an intel mac platform this issue seems at least resolvable by patient click-by-click work.
A fix for my current system would be most appreciated, since I cannot use MuseScore for any real work with present issue.