Better MIDI reading

• Aug 2, 2010 - 16:53

I searched a bi this forum and I know this has been asked many times, but still I feel like restating that it would be very nice if MuseScore could turn MIDI files into better notation using intelligent quantitization tricks. At least, triplet support would be nice so that it doesn't feel so incomplete.

I have tried many softwares, and it seems that "Notation Musician" is the one which does the best job at this, producing the cleanest possible scores for MIDI files, so it might be used as a comparison tool.

By the way, I haven't touched the source for MuseScore, but whatt would be the best approach for me to hack a triplet support when reading MIDI files? I'm not asking how to do it, but rather what are the source files and functions that actually deal with this so I can try to hack this into it, at least for my personal usage?


Thanks, nice to see this eventually will be corrected.

I have another request, which may be divided into two parts:

First, when importing a MIDI a list of tracks could popup and only those selected by the user would be imported.

Secondly, it would also be nice to support quantitization settings (shortest durations) on a channel/track-basis, so that for instance the drum part can be limited to 16th notes without affecting other parts. I ask that because its common to get a "32th note + 32th pause" pattern on drums because of MidiOn and MidiOff events timed that way, but using 16th as the shortest note may kill precision in other parts.

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