importing .ly hangs, .mid imports but wrong duration notes

• Dec 15, 2008 - 14:27

Hi team,

it's such a nice step towards beautiful engraving,,,worth appluading!
I played around with this tool for first time, I haven't done much of this using any tool manually, but have used Lilypond, cubaseLE etc for the same. I like that, you can tweak the notation as you see and play.

I tried importing one of my correctly working .ly file (that does compile and produces midi and pdf), but no luck here. I'm using win2K & 0.9.3. file has only one instrument, couple of staff.

Other problem is when I import .mid file that came from lilypond, it plays fine with other players and PDF looks good too. But , in MuseScore, it does feel its playing correct durations, but all of half notes came in as quarter notes.

any clues?



Could you share the ly & midi file by uploading it to a comment reply?
Otherwise it's impossible to reproduce the bug.

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Thanks Thomas,

I had problems, when I tried the first 2 lines, so I started using cubase LE for generating PDFs. this mid file has more lines though. I think, if you import, you will notice different note durations than in supplied by cubaseLE.

Secondly, I've also uploaded the transposed sheet for the same, for alto-saxophone. Would you also, pl. let me know, how to get that in MuseScore, while playing the same .mid file pitches? (I'd posted another msg for the same, but no luck yet.)

appreciate your time & inputs.


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When I open the MIDI file in 0.9.4 prerelease it gives the error: "Load failed: bad midi file: MThd expected." Could you share the .ly file?

By the way, MusicXML usually works better when sharing scores between notation editors. If you able to create MusicXML output of the score you'll see a lot less problems importing into MuseScore

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Thanks much David,

I don't have the original file here, but I hacked 2 lines from what I recalled. Haven't compiled this one, as I'm away from my home pc. I will appreciate, what you find.

I don't know MusicXML, and have learnt .ly just few weeks ago. Pl. suggest how do I go about sharing the notations across different transposing instruments, when concert pitch is C major. My background is hindustani (north indian) music for last 25 yrs, where we learn by ears than notations, because it's difficult to notate/transcribe all the ornaments. But I want to give it a try for the kids here.

best regards,

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This is off topic, but I can't resist to ask ;-) Would you be interested to translate MuseScore to Hindi? It would be great to see more users from India. This way we can come closer to local user groups who help each other in their own language. And the music schools can benefit from it as well I suppose.

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I suppose, I can help, but don't know how? what tools do I need to contribute?
also, it will be nice, if I could just type sa re ga ma pa... (do re mi fa sol...) to generate the sheets. It will be much easier for Indian group that way.


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Regarding the translation, it's really easy to get started:

That's all you need to got started. Once you have a few strings translated, upload them to the translation forum and we'll make sure it gets committed.

Regarding your other question: see

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All the scores I tried hang. So I cast my vote for this feature to be improved. MuseScore is a great-looking program!

But your comment about MusicXML gave me an idea to search for an external ly to MusicXML converter, and I found this discussion underway about such a converter:

Apparently there are converters that go the other way (MusicXML to ly) only:

To change an instrument transposition right click on an empty part of the measure and select "Staff Properties..." There is an option to change the transposition (measured in half steps). When this is set up you can switch back and forth between concert pitch and transposed pitch using the button on the toolbar.

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