Grace note offsets in linked TAB not saved

• Jun 22, 2015 - 16:37
S4 - Minor

If you offset the grace notes in linked TAB (see attached file), using note offset rather than chord offset, the offsets cannot be saved. This is particularly relevant when TAB is set to "no stems", since in this case both types of adjustment appear in the same way.

Need to ensure that note offset on its own is also saved.

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Not just linked staves, and not just grace notes. Note offsets in general get saved but are then reset on load for tab staves. Also they are not preserved on copy/paste (this is typivcal; things lost on save/load will usually be lost on copy/paste as well).

I see why - there is no more call to adjustReadPos for notes on tab staves. I changed when this happened a year ago, but broke it for tab. I suspect several other bugs probably resulted from this as well.

cadiz1 - if you happen to see this, the change I am referring to happened on May 20, 2014:…. Can you verify this worked correctly before that? Steps as follows:

1) new score, tablature
2) add a note
3) use Inspector to change the horizontal offset in the Element (not Chord) section to 5sp
4) copy and paste that measure to another measure

Correct result would be, the offset would be copied.

"the change I am referring to happened on May 20, 2014.
Can you verify this worked correctly before that? "

I confirm that it works (the horizontal offset is preserved after pasting) with this Nightly on May 19, 2014: 56177c3

first result.jpg
After pasting:

But not some days later, with this Nightly on June 7, 20:14 f031e87

7 juin .jpg