Command line option to change config/settings directory

• Jul 27, 2010 - 11:23
S5 - Suggestion

A command line option to specify the config/settings directory for MuseScore would be nice.
Something like "mscore.exe -config <path>".
Alternatively MuseScore could accept an environment variable like "HOME".

Note: On Windows settings at %APPDATA% and %LOCALAPPDATA% should be redirected with that command line switch / environment variable.


Any plans to implement this? It would give the users more control over the settings and would help making the portable version more failsafe.

Thanks werner!
Now it's time for me to do some portable tweaks. Well, I'll wait for the next stable release. ;-)

Status (old) fixed active

Just tested MuseScore-1.0-pre1.exe on Win XP. Command line switch doesn't redirect all settings. MuseScore still saves to local appdata. (C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Username\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\MusE\MuseScore)

Just to answer your previous question:
mscore-palette.xml, session, a plugins folder, ... (maybe more, it was just a 2 minutes quick test).
I'll test the next prerelease if I find the time for it.