Dotted Line to Anchor Text

• Jun 19, 2015 - 16:34
S5 - Suggestion

When text is anchored to a rest or note, moving the text no longer shows a red dotted line to enable you to see the note to which it's anchored. Is it possible to reinstate this feature?


I second the motion. People have been asking about this for too long, and everybody always says "Yeah, you're right, I'm not sure why that's not the way it works anymore, maybe it should be." But as far as I know, nobody else ever took the step of creating an issue for it.

Currently, it seems there is code to enable this individually for certain types of text: dynamics, instrument change, and chord symbols. Plus of course a few other specific elements like articulations, lines, etc. I can't think of a good reason *not* to have this for all text.

As far as I can tell, it is just a matter of implementing Text::dragAnchor() using the same basic code that is already in effect for the specific text types that are already supported. We could then also get rid of the special cases for those other types.

Unless someone knows of a reason *not* to do this, I'm happy to implement it.