no playback at all

• Dec 14, 2008 - 15:37

Hi, I'm new here so forgive the obvious gotchas.

I have v0.9.4 on Ubuntu Linux with the sound font /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GS.sf2 (installed by Apt on Ubuntu). I installed it using Apt sources ( which was really easy.

My first impression is that MuseScore has the makings of a very good editor for musicians. I am very impressed. I quickly found how to enter music, change the layout, add text etc.

I got some errors.

1. a message box poped up: "Open Temp File failed: permission denied" when I tried to save my edits. It doesn't normally do this on me.

2. I cannot play anything. When I go into play mode, the space bar jumps me into note edit mode. I get no sound at all. However, the PC produces sounds ok and I also have Jack audio server running (which doesn't help me when I enable or disable Jack in the MuseScore preferences).

3. I wrote something with two parts (flute & violin). The parts contained various beamed quavers and semi-quavers. I tried to swap the staves using the Create | Instruments dialog, which has 'Up' and 'Down' buttons. These happily swap the staves over including all the notes but NOT including the beams. There is a bug here: the beams all get left on the original stave, no longer attached to their quavers.



Here are a few responses.

1. I'll let someone who uses Ubuntu answer your first point but my guess is you are trying to save the file to a restricted location of the hard disk. Try saving to your home folder.

2. Use the play button in the toolbar rather than the space bar on your keyboard. Also try using Pulse Audio instead of Jack.

3. The beam issue is a regression in the latest prereleases. The bug is already fixed in the trunk and should show up in the next prerelease. If necessary you can use the stable 0.9.3 version to swap instruments.

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