Links and manual adjustments to bends not saved

• Jun 18, 2015 - 16:14
S3 - Major

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: eac0ed0

1) new score
2) add notes
3) add guitar bend from articulations palette
4) move it up or down
5) save
6) reload

Result: bend has returned to its default location

Cause is simple: we aren't calling Element::writeProperties() or Element::readProperties() for bend symbols. Fix coming soon.


It does for me. Those functions are where links are written and read as well as other properties common to all elements like position, color, and visibility.

Really? Can you give specific steps to reproduce this issue? It works for me.

Note it won't fix the already broken links in the posted score; this only fixes newly added bends. It's too late for existing ones.

Yes, that's what I just found out too, newly added bends are linked, existing ones are not. Maybe this is also why the GuitarPro tests failed?

Is there a way to re-establish that missing link for existing bends? Would be quite nice for backward compatibility

The GP tests failed because they weren't expecting bends to be linked. I have updated them.

It might be possible to fix the broken links on read, but I will let someone else worry about that. Seems it would likely end up pretty "hacky".

It would need to check whether there are bends, whether they are in the same place in staff and tab and whether they are identical, then link. If they are not identical or one of the 2 is missing, it could probably declare the file corrupt? Or pick one of the 2 (or take the existing one) and link across while deleting the other (if exists). As the one on staff determines the playback (I think), maybe better take that rather than the one on tab (if both exist)?