Customize key for entering note

• Dec 14, 2008 - 13:46

I'm starting to use musescore in these days, and I find it good piece of software.

My biggest problem, however, is note entering. In preferences, you can change the keyboard shortcut for many functions, but not the ones for entering notes.
I know that the keysused for entering notes now are quite straightforward for most of people, but here in Italy we don't use the A...G notation system, but the do, re, ..., si one. This means that I have to stop every time I want to inser a note and think which letter is in the A...G notation. It would be very useful to let the user customize these keys, so he can use more meaningful (to him) letters.
For example, I would like to use d,r,m,f,o,l,s to write notes.


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