Crash or loss of data on save/reload on paste to text frame

• Jun 18, 2015 - 09:37
S2 - Critical

See attached file.

Click (once) on the text in the lower text frame and "copy" it using Ctrl + C. Now click once on the (blank) upper text frame and paste using Ctrl + V. As you can see, the text has appeared in the text frame but its height has remained the same!

Save the file, close it and now open the file again. The "copied" text has disappeared!

Note that if you try to "paste" by double-clicking into the text area of the upper text frame and using Ctrl + V, nothing happens!

I've been informed that it's a bug that the procedure appeared to succeed in the first place – as text normally needs double-clicking and selecting before cut/copy/paste operations.

PS: If you copy and paste properly, i.e. double-clicking and selecting the text to be copied, then double-clicking into a frame to paste, it looks as if line breaks have been omitted. However, these are immediately re-established if the user deselects the frame. Is it possible that this could be fixed so that line breaks show up immediately after pasting?

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I've rephrased the title. I said I was "surprised" that the copy / paste appeared to work in the first place, but of course it wouldn't be *wrong* for it to if this were to be fully implemented. On the other hand, simply disabling it would be fine too I think.

The issue with line breaks not being seen after paste was fixed already I think - I cannot reproduce in a current development build. There were a few text fixes made since 2.0.2, some involvinghandling of multi-line text.

Try pasting a tempo text into a text frame and you get a crash.

Probably we should have separate drop() methods for the different frame types, although i think it's possible to do what we'd need in the generic Box::drop()

Another crash involving text frames - add text, then click the text and press Delete. Close the score -> crash on undo cleanup if in debug mode. Might be necessary to save/reload in there somewhere. Issue is that we are trying to reuse the _text and simply clearing it, but undo cleanup doesn't know this and tries to delete the element. Also, undo of the deletion does not work properly.

I'm working on fixes to all these issues together, as they cross some of the same code.

Title Single-click "copy and paste" operations between text in frames appears to work but does not Crash or loss of data on save/reload on paste to text frame