My musescore hell

• Jul 20, 2010 - 08:40

today I'm completely frustrated. I tried to arrange "jesu, joy of man's desire" by Bach for solo violin.
It's a piece in 3/4 that uses triplets all the time.
It's extremely complicated to enter that in muse.
1. you select a whole bar rest.
2. you type "5" to set input to quarter note
3. you type command+3 to select the triplet input.
4. you type the notes.
5. you quit input mode to manually select the following rest
6. you go to 2.
7. an so on
(I found a workaround that makes it at least possible, but it takes time... ... ...)

It would be absolutely necessary to make the note input value remain until you change it!

The same problem with the voices. I find it almost useless, because the voice selection doesn't remain.
And putting a note in the 2nd voice on "3" doesn't work at all. The first note in the 2nd voice always appears on "1".
(try putting a 2nd voice note under the third note of my example).

There are other issues, so that after 2 hours work ms crashed, and the file was messed up and couldn't be restored.
I used 0.9.5 and, If I find the time, I will report the bugs.

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What about using copy paste ? Enter the first tuplet and copy paste it as many time as needed then adjust the pitches.
Or to enter several tuplets. on a just created file,
Press N
Press 5
Press Ctrl +3
Press C D E
Press 5
Press Ctrl + 3
Press C D E

You don't need to leave and got back in input mode.

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