Music XML crashed MS 2.0.1 on open

• Jun 13, 2015 - 14:07

I have a music XML file that I created by exported a file from Finale 2014d. When I try to open it in Mac MuseScore 2.0.1 the program crashes. I will post this on the bug report site, but before I do I thought I would check here to see there is a known issue about this.


There is just a few known crashes with MusicXML import currently. If you are able to share the file, it would be very helpful to understand the problem. Click on the "File attachment" link below the answer form.

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Reproduces with 2.0.0 (I don't have 2.0.1 available), but not with the current development version.
Created issue #65231: [musicXML import (DOM parser)] segmentation fault when reading MarshallFine-ViolinSonata4-Typeset.xml

Edit: found out this is the same issue as #59226: [Musicxml import] crash if notations on rest, which has already been fixed (after 2.0.1) in both the old ("DOM parser") and the new ("pull parser") MusicMXL importer.

2.0.2 will import this file without problem.

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