Score elements not deselecting after "select all" option

• Jun 12, 2015 - 20:50
S4 - Minor

This issue can be demonstrated with any score:

Right click on a note (any other element would do but notes are easier) and chose "select all similar elements in same stave." Now deselect a few notes in the selection (ctrl + click). Colour all the selected notes red, say, just for effect, using the Inspector.

Actual result: The deselected notes also turn red!
Expected result: The deselected notes should remain black.


FWIW, the de-selection does work for some commands - well, for the visibilty commands, anyhow. So the selection itself is fine, I think. I think it it is that certain commands aren't correctly checking the selected() state of the individual elements within the range but are just assuming a range selection means everything is selected. Palette double click also ignores the selected() state and applies to all elements. So does up/down arrow. But Ctrl+3 works correctly.

Workaround would be to convert the range selection to a list-of-notes selection by pressing "Notes" in the Inspector - assuming that it really is just notes you want. Some variation of the right click / Select / ... commands could be also be used to build a more compelx list selection.