Repeats display with space when clef is removed

• Jun 11, 2015 - 22:39
S4 - Minor

As described here . Repeat signs are not flush with system beginning when the clef/key sig is removed.

Windows 7 running MuseScore 2.1.


This surprised me. Part of the problem was easy, as described in the issue report: we are always adding 0.5sp space before start repeats, when we should do so only if there is some previous element.

But even with this fixed, it turns out there is still 0.5sp space being added by default, because of the code for avoiding chord symbol collision. If you go to Style / General / Chord Symbols and turn up the "Minimum chord distance", you'll see the start barline gets indented by that much - and so do clefs in "normal" scores (ie, when you aren't turning off initial clefs).

My fix here seems to work, but I don't have very high confidence I didn't break anything else about the chord symbol collision avoidance algorithm in the process.