MuseScore doesn't recognize USB MIDI input

• Jun 10, 2015 - 22:30

Hi, Gang!!!

At the Preferences (Setup) Menu, MuseScore doesn't recognize the USB MIDI input I have. The little window where we expected some MIDI input appears is grey (non item).

My PC does it (the Creative AudioHQ Keyboard Menu recognize it perfectly).

Where is wrong here? ???

Thanks a lot for your help!!!!!!!

God bless you all!!!!!!!



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My system is Windows XP Pro SP3.

The settings are:

Note Entry: MIDI Activated.

I/O: API: Windows DirectSound, Device: SoundBlaster Live! Audio, MIDI Input (is grey, no options)

Any other MIDI software I use recognize the USB MIDI input but MuseScore.

I don't understand what's wrong here!!!

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I am not using an external device. I just want to change into a different soundfont (using VirtualMidiSynth) and then change an instruments' "patch" but the input is grey, is custom midi stuff like this possible on Musescore? I am using a lot of programs just trying to do this one thing.

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So, you are not asking about USB or MIDI input, only about using a soudnfont? Those are loaded from View / Synthesizer, but no need for external programs at all - just loaded the soundfont directly. See the Handbook sections on soundfonts and playback for more info.

If you do have an external syntehsziewr - software or hardware - you want to communicate with - you can set the MIDI output device in Edit / Preferences / I/O, or use JACK to connect the output of MuseScore to some other program's input.

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1) I followed all those instructions... Nothing!!!

2) My systems is a 32 bit version.

3) My MIDI keyboard is a Casio CTK-601.

4) The cable setup is right to all other MIDI software (Home Studio and Sekaiyu).

5) No options are showed at the MuseScore "MIDI Input" little window (setup menu).

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