Suppressing Courtesy Time Sig at end of system

• Jun 10, 2015 - 15:53

Mac MuseScore 2.0.1 Mavericks OS

I am working on a file that contains cadenzas for a multi-movement concerto. One of the cadenzas is in 4/4, the other in 6/8. I would like to suppress the courtesy time change between the two cadenzas. I found some discussion about this through a google search and used the Hide Courtesy Time Signature option. This option indeed hid the time signature, but it leaves a gap between the end of the bar and the end of the system. (See attached pdf.)

Is there any way to suppress this gap?

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Thank you. That indeed solves the problem for this file. But it would not be an acceptable solution for a more complicated multi-movement work that need courtesy time sigs inside the movements. (That's something to worry about another day for me, though.)

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It looks like you did not use the Hie Courtesy option - instead, it looks like you simply marked the courtesy signature invisible. That's not the same. To truly hide the courtesy signature, right click the *actual* key signature on the next line (not the courtesy) and choose "Hide Courtesy Time Signature", or turn off the "Show Courtesy" option in the Inspector.

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That solved my problem.

But actually, I think there is a minor bug--perhaps in the upgrading of the file. Selecting the courtesy time sig offers the "Hide Courtesy Time Signature" option (even though it is already hidden). When I do as you suggested and select the actual time signature, the option to "Hide/Show Courtesy Time Sig" disappears from the courtesy time sig. Weird.

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Yes, there is indeed a bug. You aren't *supposed* to have the option to hide the courtesy time signature when right clicking a courtesy time signature; it's supposed to be there only for "real" time signatures. But I believe what actually happens is, the option appears for "non-generated" time signatures (an internal terms used for time signatures you placed or edited explicitly), and by making the courtesy signature invisible, it got converted from generated to non-generated. Probably the code to decide whether or not to show the option needs to be smarter. Feel free to submit an official bug report (Help / Report a Bug, from within MuseScore). The bug is that you get the option when you aren't supposed to after making the courtesy signature invisible.

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