Muse Score crashes if last known device was removed

• Jul 13, 2010 - 16:21
S2 - Critical

When you closed muse score while it points to a removable drive and unplug the drive you are unable to start muse score anymore. After loading the programm crashes with an unhandled exception reading a null pointer. Its a access violation 0x0000005

Please fix that. I cannot use muse score anymore since I cannot find the correct driver letter for my external drive.

And I really dont want to compile a binary for my self to fix that.

Edit: Confirmed in


Yes indeed.
All my scores are automatically restored uppon loading MuseScore but if they aren't available somehwere a NULL pointer kills the entire application.
I will try revert the app but since I have done plenty of changes to the config I would prefer to not to do that.

Basically the robustness of the restore functionality must be improved (my guess)

Anyway. Do you have some .pdb files for download?
Even if I have a windows release build out of your distribution providing any .pdb file for the executable build on any other windows xp/7 32 bit will give me the possibility of stack traces without the need of having the entire source code.

Edit: Actually this may be a stupid idea expecting pdb files if you use mingw to compile the code. So nevermind, altough Visual Studio pdb files saved us quite a lot of time when it comes to error tracking in prod environments where there is no source available

As a work-around (rather than reverting all settings) you can double click on a MuseScore file in Windows Explorer. It will open that particular file rather than restoring the whole session.