Repeat measure reports as corrupt when saving online, corrects itself on save / reload

• Jun 9, 2015 - 19:28
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: 0cdde77

1) new score, 4/4 (My First Score is fine)
2) drag measure repeat symbol from Repeats palette to bar 1
3) File / Save Online

Result: score is reported as corrupt

4) save
5) reload

Result: no corruption reported, and File / Save Online works fine now too.

I believe I know where the relevant code is, will investigate.


For now, I see a change between April 10, with this Nightly: 44c8190

With this result: expected or not? (I never use this feature "Save Online") :

1 result.jpg

- and this one, on April 11: e7aad13

with the warning "The score is corrupted.."
second result.jpg

Not easy to find: the numbers of the commits and Nightlies don't correspond :(

But after a first checking, I am not sure at all, the change is due maybe to this commit?…

Yes, indeed, the score is "semi-corrupt" and probably would have been as far back as your nightlies go, but there was no check for corruption until recently, so it would have gone undetected. And since it fixes itself on save/reload, no one ever would have known there was a problem. It was possible, though difficult, to reproduce other problems (try mixing measure repeats and local time signatures), but no matter - the following should fix everything I found: