Fretboard diagrams do not remain attached to staff at the correct location

• Jun 8, 2015 - 17:19
S4 - Minor

See attached MuseScore file, fretboard_issues:

(1) Drag a fretboard diagram from the palette to the first note of the second bar, in the staff marked "vibes." Now deselect, then click and drag the fretboard. You will see that the dotted attachment line has shifted position and the fretboard diagram is no longer attached to the original note. If you repeat this operation in subsequent bars the fretboard diagram will even appear to attach itself to another system altogether rather than the note originally selected.

I have been reliably informed on the support forum that this does not happen to all files, so there is something about this score that causes the bug.

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fretboard_issue.mscz 16.12 KB


Actually, I think it's not dependent on the score, but where you attach the fretboard diagram. The dotted line is drawn correctly when the diagram is attached to any note in the first measure of any system. If attached to any note in any subsequent measure of any system, the line is drawn progressively further to the right.

I don't see a case where the line is drawn to another system - at least, not one further below on the same page. If there score contains multiple pages, then the error where the line is drawn too far to the right may make it may appear it is being drawn to a system on a different page.

It's a visual glitch only as far as I can tell - we are adding the X offset of the measure to the position when that has already been taken into consideration.

I should have said that some lines "transfer" the attachment to a system on the NEXT page, further to the right, NOT to a system below on the same page. So, thanks for clarification.