Add "Whole note = n" to tempo texts

• Jun 7, 2015 - 22:04
S5 - Suggestion

I would have sworn that this was never used, until I saw it in the Presto movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5: whole note = 112. Worth including, I think.


It's not worth including because it's used in a single Beethoven symphony according to me. It will take one slot in the palette for any single user.
I will add support for whole note in the follow text parsing but no whole note in the palette.

Same as for other notes or symbols - the F2 special characters palette.

EDIT: except currently, this won't playback correctly with the "follow" option, because the F2 palette is still adding the old unicode* versions of the symbols rather than the new met* versions. We should either add support for unicode whole note to the follow text, or migrate the F2 palette to use the met* versions. Or both.

??? What do you mean it's "not included"? At most, if your particular keybaord requires you to press Fn or some other key together with F2 to access this, you may need to do that, just like you may need to press "Shift" to get the "@" above the 2 on some keyboards. But as far as I know the dialog should still be there. It should also be perfectly accessible using the icon at the far left of the text toolbar.

That's exactly what I mean. F2 increases the brightness of the display (that's system-wide). In MuseScore, Fn+F2 changes the key signature—don't ask me how or why. (Shift+fn+F2 changes the key signature as well, but cycles through in the reverse order.)

However, I guess there is an option when creating a Mac application to include the OS X Character Palette as an option from the Edit menu, which MuseScore 2 does (MuseScore 1.x did not). But that's something entirely different: MuseScore's own Special Characters palette is not accessible from any menu, or by any shortcut that I can figure out.

EDIT: Oh, wait! I missed the thing about the icon on the text toolbar while in text edit mode. Turns out there's a way to access MuseScore's Special Characters after all.

Sounds like you aren't in text edit mode when you are pressing (Fn+)F2. F2 is indeed the shortcut to transpose when *not* in text edit mode. And again, the icon at the left of the text toolbar does does the same thing.

So should we then modify the F2 palette to use the met* glyphs, rather than the unicode* ones?
I guess we should, at least for master. I'll leave it to the powers to be to decide whether this should go to 2.0.2 too ;-)

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed

As explained in the PR, I don't think it's a good idea to add whote note = in the palette, so I didn't merge this part.
The PR added support for whole note in tempo text for the "follow text" feature. This is now commited.
I put this issue on fixed.