Problem writing -^b9

• Jun 7, 2015 - 01:50
S4 - Minor

Hit ctrl-k (input chord)
Type "E-^b9" (or any other root)
...and it renders wrong.

Can be fixed by using a hard space (ctrl+space) between ^ and b9, see this discussion .

MuseScore version: 2.1

OS: Windows 7


If you have a build environment set up, you would pull from the branch listed above and then rebuild. That file would already be in your bvuild environment, so you could also just make the change manually - you see how short it is. But if you don't have a build environment set up already, it's almost certainkly not worth it just for it. This fix should be merged and made available in a nightly build at some point soon. Since you are subscribed to this issue, you will receive notification when it has been merged, but you will specifically want to make sure it is merged in the 2.0.2 branch, not just in the master. Once it is merged in the 2.0.2 branch, it will show up in the next nightly build (which actually would normally be only an hour or so later).