problems playing after creating a score

• Dec 8, 2008 - 06:14

I have the newest release of musescore and it writes the scores okay and saves them but if I try to play the after creation they don't play and if I exit then come back in and load my score it crashes and say musescore has encountered an error and can't continue, then it closes. Could someone help. I am using windows vista home premium.


If you are using the 0.9.3 version try pressing the rewind button before you hit play. If there is no play button on the toolbar then read the troubleshooting section of the SoundFont page in the handbook.

Does MuseScore crash every time you load your score? If so please attach a copy of your score in a reply comment below

Okay, So I've loaded and reloaded this program on several computers and have had the same problem...
I can type in one note or 80 notes(complexity doesn't matter) and the program will not play it back.
The play and everything is visible... I've even followed the none-too-helpful Soundfont page in the handbook... all settings appear to be fine and normal... (according to the information given there.)
The program even plays the demo piece that is loaded... just not when I create a new score.
I loaded the stable V.0.9.3 on three different computers... all have the same problem... two are running XP and one is running Vista... all have more than enough RAM and processing speed for video editing... (so equipment wouldn't be a problem.) I also loaded the latest version of the unstable beta... still has the same problem.

The score I was working on has piano and three alto sax parts... sound won't play on any of them... also, after I go to compose a new score the sound no longer works for the demo either... this is the case across all three systems...
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