SF2 to SF3 conversion?

• Jun 6, 2015 - 04:28

Hello, I would like to use a certain soundfont that exists in SF2 format, but they turn out to be too large to use on some computers. Would using .SF3 instead improve performance? And is there a tool that can perform this conversion?

Thank you in advance.


SF3 is a compression type (that I believe is proprietary, I am not sure though) designed specifically to use Ogg Vorbis files for sound samples in order to make Fluid GM smaller and package with MuseScore. The only .SF3 file that exists (as far as I know) is the Fluid Soundfont packaged with MuseScore. Thus, there is no way to convert SF2 to SF3; however, SF2 is completely compatible with MuseScore 2.

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SF3 is not proprietary at all. As you said, it just compress the samples of sf2 to OGG. There is tool to convert SF2 to SF3 here https://github.com/wschweer/sftools

However, an SF3 file will just take less space on disk. So I don't know what you mean by "they turn out to be too large to use on some computers" but the only advantage of an SF3 file is that it takes less space on the disk. It will not help if the computer is not powerful enough to read the SF2 (actually it could be worth, because it will need to decode the OGG compression) or if the computer doesn't have enough memory.

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Hi there. I'm new to this software, been having such fun with it. I'm using the software to help teach me to play a piano accordion, I live on a farm with no teachers close by. However the sound fonts loaded for accordion are really horrid. I have found some sf2 samples but have no clue as to how to load them. The page you supplied seems to no longer exist. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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