MuseScore 2.0 crashs on opening

• Jun 4, 2015 - 22:02

I downloaded MuseScore 2.0 about two months ago and it was working fine for more than a month. However, in the past two or three weeks I've been having problems with the program. Whenever I try to open a score or create a new score, the entire program locks up and becomes completely unresponsive. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, rebooting my computer, downloading the newest version (2.0.1), and reverting the program to factory settings. I've also tried a system restore on my computer to a date before this problem began and running the program with my computer security software turned off. I haven't had any luck fixing this problem. Is there anything else I can try? Thank you.


There is a very extended thread on this issue: #52316: Musescore crashes on opening. Possible things to try: plugging in speakers/headphones before launching MuseScore; running MuseScore with the the "-w" option with the same process as the "-F" factory reset process (only with 2.0.1; if your system restore rolled you back to 2.0, update again first). Also, can I ask what your operating system/computer hardware is?

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Thank you for the suggestions. I tried both running MuseScore with the "-w" option and plugging in my headphones, but without change. I still can't run the program. Any other suggestions would be great.

I have an HP 2000 with Windows 8.


The problem is "only" opening a new score or creating a new one? That is, the program starts up OK, and lets you play with the default score? If you do File / Open or File / New, does the dialog box appear first before the lock, or is the lockup before the dialog appears? Does the program open if you double click the score in your file browser (eg, Windows Explorer)?

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The lockup happens any time I open MuseScore. If I try to open one of my existing files, the program screen comes up and I can see my score, but the screen is unresponsive. The same thing happens if I try to open Musescore from the icon on my desktop - the screen will come up asking if I want to create a new score, but it won't allow me to click on anything and will tell me the program is not responding.

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