problems with inserting notes

• Dec 7, 2008 - 14:21

Key A, time signature 3/4, with triplet eighth notes
I would like to insert:
(C#-DC#) (Bx2, C#) tied to (C#, Ax2)
sorry about the duff notation, I have little formal experience with this, what this means is
1st triplet) 3 separate eighth notes
2nd triplet) 1 quarter note + 1 eighth note, tied to...
3rd triplet) 1 eighth note + 1 quarter note

1) I created a bar of 3/4, and entered a quarter note of high C#.
First problem: when I selected this note and used ctrl+3 to make triplets out of it, it mysteriously changed to a Dflat. Same note, but notationally completely bogus. Was able to correct this with a hack by using "transpose {0}".
2) end problem: I managed the first two triplets ok, as well as the first eighth note of the third triplet, including the slur. However, I was so far unable to create a quarter note as the last 2/3 of the third triplet. When I entered an eighth note (A) as the 2nd note of the triplet and tried to change it to a quarter note, this became instead the first note of the triplet, and the tied C# disappeared. Hack workaround was to create two (A) eighth notes as the 2nd and 3rd notes of the 3rd triplet and tie them together. Needless to say this is highly inelegant.

Would appreciate knowing whether these are bugs or whether there are known methods or workarounds for achieving what I would like to do.

cheers, Hillar

MuseScore version 0.9.3
Windows XP


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