Bug?: Piano Staff Properties behavior MS 2.0.1

• Jun 4, 2015 - 02:13

When I right click on the word "Piano" (or any instrument that has multiple staffs), and access Staff Properties menu and make changes (in my case, small staff and some spacing changes) only the top staff is affected. I had to right click on the bass staff and apply the changes seperately.

The behavior struck me as odd, but I'm not sure if its a bug or not. I think that when the Staff Properties menu is accessed by clicking on the instruments' name, then the ENTIRE instrument should be affected, not just the top staff (which seems arbitrary, it could just as easily be the bass clef staff that is changed.) If I want to alter the properties of individual staffs, the Staff properties can be opened by right clicking on whichever staff I want to alter.

Just thought that I ought to report this behavior in case no one else has noticed it. I think it should be changed.

(Also: "Show barlines seems to work exactly how I expect it to (at least on piano). But "show time signature" doesn't, nor do any of the other features. I'm scared to try "do not hide staff" because I am willing to bet it will break musescore- one part of the system will be hidden while the other will remain visible, presumably. Maybe I'll investigate that later.)


Most of what you describe is correct behavior. If you look at the Staff Properties dialog, you'll see that it is divided into two parts: Staff Properties and Part Properties. The former - at the top of the dialog - affect only the current staff. The latter - at the bottom of the dialog - affect all staves for the part. How you reach the dialog (right click staff name or staff itself) does not matter. The top settings always affect the current staff only, the bottom always affect the entire part. And yes, right clicking the staff name is equivalent to clicking the top staff, because internally, it is the top staff that the instrument name is attached to.

The "Show time signature" option works just fine for me; perhaps you are misunderstanding what ti does. It doesn't cause time signatures to appear in places it wouldn't have otherwise. But turning it off will prevent time signatures from appearing at all - no time signature at the fornt of score or when a meter change happens. If you have a specific score where you are seeing otherwise, please post that score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

"Do not hide" also works fine for me. It has no effect unless you turn on 'Hide empty staves". With that option turned on, it's already the case by default that part of a system is hidden while aprt reamisn visible - that's the entire point of the option. All "Do not hide" does is keep certain staves from being hidden even when empty.

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