Making one voice predominant

• Jun 3, 2015 - 23:03

I arrange music for barbershop quartets. There are two voices in the treble clef and two voices in the bass clef. I'd like to create "learning tracks" such that one of the four voices is louder than the other three (or three of the voices are softer than the other two). How can I do that?


Welcome kenelder.
Right click on a note> Select / More ...
In the dialog box, click Same voice, Same stave;
From Inspector: Note / Velocity type> set user and change Velocity.
Do some test.

If your purpose is to be able to control the volume (not so much the layout), I would do like this;
* Take a copy of the score
* Add four extra instruments (not just staffs)
* Copy each voice to it's own instrument
* Use the volume settings in the Mixer to make one voice predominant
* Export to MIDI files that your singers can use for practising

If you have really crated the score using voices, you should be able to use the Selection filter during Copy/Paste

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