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• Jun 2, 2015 - 15:46

The barre position symbol is very common in classical/fingerstyle guitar music: customised_barre_symbol.png
The position symbol provided in the default line palette needs to be customised before it can be used (see above image). The problem is that I cannot save the customised line back to the palette. Or at least I can see no way of doing this.

In guitar music different line text is needed for each fret position so the user would have to copy the custom line and make further changes for each new instance. This also applies to any other lines that the user wants to use.

The obvious solution is for the User to be able to create and save his/her own custom symbols back to whatever palette s/he wants. That way s/he just has to drag and drop from the palette rather than spending extra time amending text or other parameters for each new instance. And it means the new symbols can be imported into future scores.


A related question. What is the "continue" section for in the "line properties" box. I tried entering text here but it did not appear.


And finally. The user needs to be able to preview changes in the line properties and text properties boxes. Otherwise you have to keep exiting the dialogue boxes to check the results.


You can customize palettes - see the Handbook, search for "Custom".

The "Continue" section is for line that extendacross systems, to allow a reminder text to appear at the beginng of the subsequent systems.

Would I be correct in saying that the user can't add customised lines back to the "default" palettes supplied with MuseScore but s/he can drag and drop the same lines back to new palettes that s/he has created him/herself. As described in the handbook ?


Just one other issue: Create a line similar to the above. Right-align the text. Now go back to score edit mode. If you right-click on the line text you get a menu, but it doesn't seem to be directly relevant to the line in question. I may be wrong of course, but perhaps someone could check this.

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Once you press the "+" button to create a workspace, the default palettes become editable, so you can indeed add lines to those palettes. At most, you may need to right click the palette to enable the editing.

As for the second question, by "right align the text", I assume you mean, use Line Properties and then the text properties dialog within it, which will result in the text shifting over to the left, leaving a gap between it and the start of the line? And if you then try right clicking that text, MuseScore acts as if you right clciked an empty space? It is indeed a known issue that the "bounding box" that tells MuseScore where you can click and have it be interpreted as clicking the element is not very accurate when it comes to text lines with non-default text positioning. Well, known to me, anyhow - I've noticed it but never actually filed an issue. The way the code is structured, it looked like it could be a bit tricky to improve this, but I'm sure it's not impossible.

I can see no way of copying this customised line from the score back to a palette. There does not seem to be any command to do so. I've also tried dragging and dropping the line back to the palette but this facility is absent as well.

In addition the copy and paste command (right click on the line object) does not work on this kind of line. Using "cut", cuts the line as expected but I don't think you can paste it anywhere.

However as you rightly point out the handbook clearly states: "Insert New Palette: Creates a new empty palette which can be filled with elements from the master palette, other palettes, or with elements from the score.

Perhaps the presence of the linked staff/Tab line is affecting the operation or maybe there is something else that I have not understood.

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Score elements are added to palettes the same way as elements from the Master Palette: Shift+Ctrl+drag. You may have to enable editing on the palette first if it's a built-in palette (right click palettew title).

I just looked at the Handbook, and don't see where the Shfit+Ctrl+drag procedure is mentioned.

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