Musescore 2.0.0 Crashes creating parts.

• Jun 2, 2015 - 11:23

I'm trying to creating the parts of a orchestral score (15). All at the same time and each one separately. It crashes every time. I don't find any post on that question.
Im running Musescore 2.0.0 on Ubuntu 15.04. I've reinstall them and the crash remains.

Thanks for your help


Can you share the score? (Read: attach it here)
Can you upgrade to 2.0.1, the bug might have been fixed there (if you can't, someone else might check, if you share the score)

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No crash here also.

But I do not understand why in "Continuous view", the instruments names appear horizontally (rather vertically like on the 2.0.1) with this Nightly: 31a8d3d
Strange: this had not been implemented, are we agree with that?
And so the effects:
1) in the top staff, the measure number collides with the instrument name, and barely seen (it is not possible to accept this result, right?)
continuous view.jpg
2) the treble notes also collide with the instrument name.
collide notes.jpg
What explanation to this? Thanks.

EDIT: ah, it's the result of this commit:…
No sure, for my part, that it's a good idea according to the annoying "side effects" described above. I hate collisions! :(
For the measure number in particular, it's detrimental at the least (we will "search" or guess now the measure number behind the instrument name, or in visual conflict with it). It's a mess!

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I think there is no ideal solution. With the old arrangement, the instrument names would possibly collide with each other. That was the main problem that needed solving. it could also have been solved by forcing a sufficiently small font, but with long instrument names, that could result in unreadably small text.

To me, the tradeoff in the new arrangement is worth it. If you are interested in the notes in that first measure, you can always scroll a bit further to move that measure to the right. The potential measure number collision (depends on your style settings) is more unfortunate, but you can always check the status bar if you miss that information.

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"The potential measure number collision: (depends on your style settings)"
That is to say? How to do exactly with style settings to avoid this collision?
In addition, I note that in 2.0.1, the name of the first instrument (top staff) was absent.
And finally, I do not like the color of the instruments name in "sky blue". I preferred that of the 2.0.1, less flashy!

EDIT: I saw the improvement there is few minutes. Better. Too bad that the "#" touches the instrument name. And this blue! :(
And why everything is blue (key sig, clef, time sign, measure number etc.)?
With the 2.0.1
12 .jpg

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I did these changes. I would have prefer to comment on them in a dedicated thread... but there you go.

As noticed, the style of the text was taken into account. It's now fixed.

Vertical instrument names are unreadable, so a better solution was needed. The instrument names are now horizontal and will "bleed" in the score if they are too long.

The blue... I guess it's a matter of taste. I like this blue. Also this blue is the same than the layout break one, the same than the frame. So it denotes "unprintable" elements in the score. To me, the new color scheme of the continuous palette is more classy than the previous one. Also the transparency is gone and I think it's more ergonomic now.

The colision if any, doesn't depend on your style settings. The measure number and the instrument name are independent from the style or text style. It's not "too bad" that the measure number touch the instrument name. It can be changed.

Thanks for your feedback. If you have more comments about this change, please open a new topic since this one was about a crash and non related.

I'm wondering what to do about this problem, too. I've gotten about halfway
through writing a score and it was working fine. Now, whenever I try to use MuseScore 2.0, it crashes on me. I have NO idea what could be causing this. I ran anti-virus and
anti-spyware software. I even uninstalled a program I'd installed since
getting MuseScore, but NOTHING works to stop the software from crashing. I'm
not running any other programs. If you can help me, PLEASE do! Thanks.

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This thread is about a crash when generating parts specifically - is that your problem too? That is, everything works except File / Parts? If so, please post the score you are having problems with and we can take a look. If that's not what you mean - if the crash happens when doing something else - then also please post the score, but give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the crash.

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I don't know how to put the score in here. If you'll tell me what to do, I'll gladly do it. What I noticed was that it wouldn't play back from ANYWHERE. It just froze up and CRASHED. Also, whenever I tried to input more than one note {as in a chord or first and second soprano notes} it froze up and crashed.
I've downloaded MuseScore 2.0.1, which seems to have fixed the play back issue, but my full score isn't there! I found the score I saved BEFORE the crashes began, but I've done a LOT of work since then, saving it as I went along, yet, somehow it DISAPPEARED! It's been painstakingly difficult to do any kind of inputting of parts, because I can't HEAR what I'm writing. Nevertheless, I did a LOT of agonizing work that was saved and went SOMEWHERE, but MuseScore seems to have DUMPED it. Can you help me with this issue?

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To attach a score to a post, simply click the "File attachments" link right below where you type. But since your problem is apparently unrelated, you should start a new thread and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the crash / freeze.

As for your score, if you did in fact save it, then the file is still there waiting to be found. What OS are you on? If you did not save it before the crash, then there should be an auto-save version of it present that people can help you find if you tell us what OS you are on.

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Downloading MuseScore 2.0.1 seems to have fixed the crashing issue, as well as the play-back one! Thanks for that. I'm using the ever-popular {not} Windows 8, which is at least half the battle. I did find a saved version with the rest of my score on it, but it was given a DIFFERENT name and always comes up with the previous problems of crashing and having no play-back, so I've had to painstakingly copy and paste each measure into the unaffected score. I have NO idea why it did this! It was saved under the same name as the original score was, yet, got separated somehow. Here's what I have of the score:

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Walking on the Wings of the Wind.mscz 36.72 KB

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Are you saying you were copying measures one at a time? You don't have to do that. The usual selection methods apply in in MuseScore - eg, click one measure, Shift+click another to select everything between them.

Anyhow, are you also saying you still have problems with crashing with that attached score? if so, we would need to give precise step by step instructions on how to reproduce the crash.

Thank you SO much for that helpful tip in copying multiple measures at the time! Very time saving!! I managed to get passed the crashing thing. When it started crashing again, I simply re-booted the computer and it worked fine. I've basically FINISHED this score now, except for going over it with a fine-toothed comb to check for any errors and maybe adding/deleting some finishing touches. This is a GREAT forum, by the way. Thank you for being here! I'm attaching the score for any critiques/suggestions. The last few measures are without accompaniment purposely, for the affect. My opinion is that it sounds heavenly like it is, with only the lead instrument, flute. Also, I haven't decided whether I'm actually going to add drums, as it may detract rather than add to the performance. Question: I can't seem to get the 'Repeat' to work. Perhaps I'm coding it incorrectly? Anyway, if it would only repeat the chorus after that last verse, I'd be happy. Thanks.

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Walking on the Wings of the Wind.mscz 49.74 KB

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