Custom time signature causes disappearing measures [No bug; SOLVED]

• Jun 1, 2015 - 20:32

MuseScore 2.0.1 b25f81d
Windows 7 SP1

1. Add custom time signature.
2. Create new score.
3. Drag custom time signature onto score, to a measure other than the last one.

Expected result: Time signature changed to custom from chosen measure.
Actual result: Time signature changed to custom from chosen measure, but also a number of measures disappears from between the signatured one and end of score, the number seemingly depending on that distance.

I am doing a bunch of short examples in odd time, for sake of convenience set mostly in custom time signatures like 9/1, 10/1, 11/1, … which seems to cause the problem. Manually defined score (plain piano) or template makes no difference, after testing several alternatives. Suggestions?


I suspect what you are seeing is perfectly normal. MuseScore tries to preserve the original number of beats any time you change time signature. So if you create a score using the defaults of 32 bars of 4/4, that's 128 beats. If you then change to 10/4, well, now those same 128 beats require only 12.8 measures. So you'll end up with 13 measures - everything that was in those original 128 beats, plus a couple of extra beats of rest that will be appended for you to fill up that last measure. If you want more measures, you can always add them

If this isn't what you are talking about, then you'll need to be more specific. Starting with your first step? Do you mean, you open the time signatures section of the master palett and use it to design a custom time signature? What settings do you use, specifically? Maybe post a screenshot of the dialog?

Then, we would need need you to post the specific score you are having trouble with, and the precise steps to reproduce the problem from there - which measure you are dragging this time signature to.

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Ahaa… I noticed that “beat over time” thing a while ago and, frankly, am a bit annoyed with it.* But you both are right and right on, and I understand. Big and quick thanks!

No file attached since this reproduces from scratch or any template, that is, not specific to any file.

* At ‘Create new score’ one has to choose Key Signature and Tempo (optional and set in BPM) in one window. Would it not be more intuitive having Tempo in the next window together with Time Signature, regarding musician notion but also notation preceding playback?

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