Conditional notes

• Jun 1, 2015 - 16:44

I have a 6-verse tune, with different numbers of syllables in some measures. How do I get notes to play only if there is a corresponding syllable?


Simple: you don't. MuseScore plays notes, or doesn't play them, whether there is a lyrics syllable attached is irrelevant (to MuseScore and its playback))

Ciao StewC, I would be curious to see the score, if you want to attach it here.
A possible workaround it could be to correct manually the notes from Inspector / Tuning / User> Velocity type = -1

(@Jojo: if I said an absurdity I apologize)

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Well, as I said, notes either play or they don't (so yes, you can switch off playback for a note), they completely agnostic to whether a lyric is attached to them, so it just not possible for them to play on 1st round but not on 2nd, just based upon whether for that stanza there is a syllable or not.
You'd need to write it out (unroll the loop), maybe use voltas.

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