Adding a Tablature staff to a part of a score.

• May 30, 2015 - 00:41

I've created a score with Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Drumset parts. I would like to add a linked tablature staff to the Lead, Rhythm and Bass guitar parts. Although I know how to, every time I try to to add the linked Tab staff, it is added to the score with all of the instruments rather than the single part. I would like to know how to add the linked tab staff to the part only rather than to the score where it will clutter with all of the other instruments. The first attached screenshot is of the staves in the score and the second one is of the part itself.


I am not quite understanding what you are asking. You have a score with linked parts, and you want a staff to appear in one of the parts but not in the score? Do you commonly see music published that way? It seems like a bad idea to me - it defeats the idea of a score. But if you wish to do this, you can save the part to a separate file (File / Save As) and edit the copy. It won't be linked with the score any more of course.

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There is no reason to question what the OP wants.

There is currently no way to have linked tablature in the linked part but not in the score.

- You can have linked tablature in both if you want. Delete the part, add the linked tablature, recreate the parts.
- Or you can break the link between the part and the score. Go to the part tab, File > Save as. Open the resulting file and add the part.

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FWIW, my question about whether this is commonly seen actually *did* have a purpose beyond suggesting I thought it was a bad idea (as a conductor, I dislike it when people have things in their parts that I don't have in my score and thus cannot answer questions about or other provide insight into). My real ulterior motive: I know we currently don't support independent controls over staves in scores versus parts but have discussed the possibility, and I'm trying to understand what makes sense. And I am also trying to figure out what we want to support in terms of breaking links in general - allowing certain aspects of scores and parts to differ. I'm trying to develop a set of actual use cases worth supporting. And part of that is seeing how different published scores do things.

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