Double-clicking hairpin in palette with list selection causes X number of hairpins to all be stacked at the exact same position

• May 29, 2015 - 18:25
S4 - Minor

To reproduce, list-select a number of notes, either through the normal method or through the bug described in #62956: Regression in MuseScore 2—clicking note then shift-clicking measure leads to list selection instead of range selection, which this bug often works in tandem with. Double-click a hairpin from the Lines palette.

The bug is particularly obvious if the selected notes cover multiple staves.

Expected result: Ideally, it would be the same as if it were a range selection, but this may be difficult to implement. Alternatively, nothing could happen, or perhaps separate hairpins could attach to each note?

Here's what makes the current situation impossible to abide: the Undo command doesn't work! The only way to get rid of the potentially gigantic number of hairpins on the exact same spot is to click on it/them (it looks like just one), delete it (without, by the way, being able to see that one of them is selected), click the same spot again, delete, click, delete, click, delete… and so on. Using "Select all similar elements in range selection" also does not work.


Undo works - just one at a time. And the bug with inability to select all similar lines in range selection is fixed already. So there is nothing major about this.

The normal result of double clicking a palette item with a list selection is to apply a copy of that element to every item in that list. So that would be the expected result of this operation too.

If Undo works—just one at a time—I would call that Undo not working.

Anyway, that would be "separate hairpins attaching to each note"? That would be fine.

OK, but assuming you marked it "major" because you read somewhere that "undo not working" was one possible reason to potentially mark something major, it really means, if it doesn't work at all. And also, if the action you can't undo is itself destructive. The point is, if something that *should* work and a user is likely to do destroys a portion of your score, and there is no way at all to undo it so you lose whatever portion of your score got destroyed, that's potentially major.

In this case, nothing was destroyed, so it's already not a candidate for considering major by this crerion. On top of that, it *is* possible to undo - it's just slightly harder. And on top of that, it's also possible to remove the marking by other means.

The point is, it isn't as simple as "undo doesn't work perfectly = major". It's all about the likehood of portions of your score being destroyed irrevocably. And in this case, that likehood is 0%.

Anyhow, yes, separate hairpins attached to each note is the correct result.