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• Dec 4, 2008 - 12:21

Description: I'm having scores with 5 intruments, for example, 5 Saxophones. Now I make a manual line break - its added to the top intrument. And I add a chord name, a text annotation, a segno sign, a text annotation, a first and second volta and so on to the top instrument. Now, when I want to extract the first saxophone, all these things are on my score. When I extract the second saxophone, all these things are gone. I have to insert line breaks, chords and so on to all other 4 saxophone scores. So it would save a lot of time, to have the following feature:

Inherit from top staff:
x(CheckBox) line break
x Chord names
x Text annotations
x Segno
x Voltas

Danke schön!


Do you know any other software which does this?

I checked with Sibelius 5.2 lately and that's not possible. One simple reason is that chord names are connected with a note of rest, which means that copying to another part would be serious hassle. It not impossible without altering the part.

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I checked Sibelius again because I was not sure about the line breaks & volta, and it seems I was wrong. It does extract line breaks & voltas and probably some more. Chord names & lyrics are not extracted because they are bound to a part.
So, this could be indeed a useful feature request.

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